Spring is here and we are excited to get back out and travel with you.  Next up is Bordeaux and Paris, France, September 14th to the 21st, 2019. 

Come along with us for a trip of a lifetime.  If this excites your travel imagination be sure to join us today!

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Each trip is handcrafted

We are not a regular tour company; but rather we lead tours that give you unique and memorable experiences, and offer alternatives to typical tourist sites. We dive deeper into a particular activity…cooking classes, etc. For example, if we are taking the pastry class in Paris - that tends to be 4-5 hours. It goes by quickly, and everyone loves it (but it is intense), so the afternoon activities might be strolling through the Marais, wine tasting and food pairings with Olivier at 5PM, and then a dinner at one of our Paris restaurants. Or the day could start with a Walking Food Tour of Montmartre, a visit and tour of the Sacre Coeur, shopping that neighborhood, a concert at Saint Chappelle, and dinner at another one of our favorite spots. We tend to eat later - 8-8:30PM is typically the earliest for dinner. Some reservations don't even start until 8PM.   Plan to stay out later – it is the VIBE of Paris – and really invigorating and fun. J  We want you to feel the city and have some time to soak up what you see and enjoy each moment. For those that have not been, it is truly magical.

 Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.
— Benjamin Franklin


A Day in Paris could also start with an early morning tour of a famous food market, gathering things for a picnic in one of the beautiful gardens and parks. We pick up wine along the way, and find the perfect spot to dine. In between, perhaps we wander the famous Parisian Flea Markets. These are like nothing you have ever been to in the states. We often have bought luggage to bring items home! As the trip gets closer, we’ll send you a questionnaire to figure out which ones you all prefer –but we do the cream of the crop, for sure!


Private tours with our guides are set – as are the cooking classes, wine education classes and food tours, but everything else, we build to your desires.  For instance, you can opt to stay longer in the Marais or the Latin Quarter.  If your highlights including shopping we know just the shops to take you to, whether it be  famous cookware shops, clothing stores that will create skirts for you while you are in Paris, secret crepe shops for snacks, big brand luxury shops for those that love a good bag, etc.  This is your trip.


A Day In and Around Bordeaux Might Look Like This:

Discover the subterranean cellars and wine making secrets of the Bordeaux wine region on a 5-hour excursion from Bordeaux. Admire sweeping vistas of the picturesque countryside as you travel by an air-conditioned van or coach to prestigious wineries in the appellations of either Saint-Emillion or Mèdoc (we tend to go to several regions). Descend into the ancient cellars and see oak barrels of refined wines before marveling at expansive sprawls of vineyards. Pamper your palate with delicious samples of wine and gain fascinating insight into the wines’ delicate flavors and meticulous manufacturing practices of the French.

A Day in Bordeaux Might Look Like This:

  • Meet at Pont de Pierre

  • Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux

  • The City Gate and clock and bell tower; we can tour inside!

    • Musee des Beaux Arts

  • One of the BEST museums in France!  Home to many masterpieces and considered a true gem.

    • Place Royale and Miroir d’eau

    • Monument aux Girondins

  • Fountain Monument with many unusual details

  • Cathedrale Saint-Andre – A magnificent Gothic Catherdral that one can climb!

  • Lunch mid afternoon; and dinner after wine tasting as Bar Vin.

Your days are filled! There is a nice balance between touring and tasting and eating and art and shopping. It can be overwhelming as things are so magnificent, so we build in some down time, too. We want you to feel and taste and smile your way through Bordeaux and Paris.

Join us September 7th to the 15th, 2019 in Bordeaux and Paris, France.  

What's New With Abby and Megan

During these long winter months, Abby and Megan have been working hard on the business side of things.  We have been spending time in the studio to bring France and Italy to the comfort of your own home.  You can now check out our travel programs on both BNN and Norwell Spotlight TV.  We are also excited to be working with our favorite local, woman-owned Marketing Firm, SHD Marketing.  Together we will be bringing you a new, updated and informative website.  Stay tuned for our release! 

All this hard work will enable us to bring you a more curated culinary and cultural itinerary.  So now is the time to experience it for yourself.  It's never too late to join us in Italy and France.   

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