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Welcome! All of my best relationships have been forged over a meal. Starting as a child, Sunday dinners meant delicious food, lovingly prepared, and time spent with family sharing stories. When I began traveling as an adult, I quickly discovered that in all cultures, food was the glue that connected people to their community. There is no greater example of this than Italy, where the chefs I’ve met obsessively sourced their region’s freshest ingredients to create truly memorable meals for every guest.

Now, I can’t wait to bring you to meet and cook with these master chefs, visit wineries, explore olive groves and more to discover how people live and love with food across the globe. Each experience on a trip with us is carefully planned so you get to enjoy the highlights of each region, as well as those hidden jewels we’ve found just for you.


Hi there! My grandmother inspired my love of travel when she shared stories about her adventures, as well as her National Geographic subscription. As an adult, I eagerly went on my own adventures across the globe to see the places I’d read and heard about, exploring an ancient Viking ship in Sweden, visiting the renowned Opera House in Sydney, Australia, and being mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower at night. No matter where my travels have taken me, learning about people and their culture is always my first interest.

I lived abroad with my husband and our young sons in Slovakia and I immersed my family in European culture relishing the joys of easy travel, an abundance of art museums, and never-ending cafes.

We are thrilled to share our passion for food, culture, and connecting with wonderful people and communities around the world with you. Join us!

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The Food is the Fabric of the Land. The Chefs we meet are talented artists. The lessons we learn last a lifetime. The change in attitude is palpable. France changes the soul. Join us in September to find out for yourself. 
— Chef Abby Gray

To truly experience a place it is important to not only see it with your eyes, but to taste their food and to experience their way of life. So much of this can be realized through an understanding of the ingredients, their cooking and eating traditions as the well as an appreciation of the artists and architecture they hold dear. It is who they are and the places they come from.
— Megan, Cultural Attaché

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